Arbeitskreis: Gesundheitsförderung / Gesundheitskreis

Arbeitskreis: Gesundheitsförderung / Gesundheitskreis
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, Today chronic diseases represent the greatest challenge for the healthcare To tackle chronic diseases Effectively, a reorientation of the health action is needed: prevention and health promotion must be Strengthened.

Through effective prevention and health promotion, the goal can be Achieved, with Increasing life expectancy to increase the number asymptomatic verbrachter life years. These health promotion and prevention shoulderstand begin in childhood and continue along the lifespan.

The working group "Health Promotion / Health District" composed of Representatives of sports clubs, health insurance, de Health Authorities, de folk high schools and daycare centers have first priority objective set the health of children and adolescents. In order to be granted listen sustainable and promising health promotion for children and adolescents, it must be held (participation, equity in health, etc) in Their living environment (setting).



When first setting one has made the improvement of prevention and health promotion in the Kindertagesstäten.

An inventory analysis is already available with the university entrance examination.

A query in the Kindertagessstätten Regarding projects already in progress on the subject is Carried out. Further More, a list of federal and state-wide initiatives for prevention and health promotion in child care centers Which created.

The support of daycare takes place Primarily in consulting and coaching instead:

  • Establishment and facilitation of the steering committee / steering group in kindergarten (municipalities, teachers, parents, children ......)
  • identify, attract and convince possible partners (associations, health insurance companies, doctors, restaurants, food distribution, ....)
  • customize and define cooperation
  • Mediation of state, and national initiatives / projects
  • Training / further education for educators, for Their Own health literacy
  • Assistance in working with parents (information meetings, parent-teacher conferences, ...)
  • Dealing with chronic diseases


In Working Group quality standards in the form of different goals for diet, exercise, work with parents, health literacy of teachers and hygiene were developed for the daycare.

Since September 2013, the initiative in 5 daycare is Carried out in the district of Calw in a pilot phase.

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